aired during super bowl 2022

Agency (ENG): Leo Burnett
Agency (FR): Martel & Cie 
CCO: Lisa Greenberg, Steve Persico 
Art Director: Robin Soukvilay
Copywriter: Evan Wallis
VP, Co-Production Director: Melanie Palmer 

Director: Aircastle 
DOP: Peter Simonite 
EP: Rob Burns, Eva Preger 
Line Producer: Andrew Graham 
Casting Director: Shasta Lutz 
Offline: Outsider Editorial 
Editor: Sophia Lou
Assistant Editor: Kelsey Dale-McGrath
Executive Producer: Kristina Anzlinger
Editorial Producer: Kayan Choi 
Colour: Alter Ego 
Colourist: Wade Odlum
VFX: Fort York 
Creative Director: Mike Bishop
Online Artist: Melissa Vasiliev 
Executive Producer: Erica Bourgault-Assaf, Pallavi Joshi-Firby
Audio: Pirate
Audio Creative Director: Vanya Drakul
Producer: Maggie Blouin Pearl
Engineer: Kyle Anderson
Composer: Emery Taylor

Clio Awards:
Bronze in Film Craft (Editing)

Marketing Awards:
GOLD in Editing
GOLD in Sound Design
Shark advertising Awards:
Silver in FILM Craft (Best Editing)

Shortlist in FILM Craft (Video Editing)
Shortlist in FILM Craft (Video Sound Design)
ADFORUM: Top Ad Worldwide of the Week


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