When LYLE's grandfather dies suddenly, THEY GO to Kanab, UTah to help care for their grandmother. While struggling both to mend their strained relationship and to run the family’s Movie Ranch– a ramshackle museum housing old sets and memorabilia from Westerns, lyle and their grandmother discover they have more in common than they realize and that movies might be a way of bridging seemingly impassable divides.

(Proof of concept short film)

Starring: Beth Grant & Sadie Scott

Written by: El Bender & Benjamin Thevenin

Director: Ed McCulloch
Producer: Susan Marinello
DP: Ava Benjamin Shorr
Steadi Op: Dae Hyun Kim
Production Design: Andres Rodriguez
Wardrobe: Savannah McCulloch
Sound Mixer: Cem Dursun
Editor: Sophia Lou
Trailer Editor: Cam Anderson
Colorist: Drew Tekulve @ Paradox Post
Mix: Nathan Hoffman


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